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About Stuff You Missed: In the Bible, In Church History

Curiosity. This ingredient alone led to the creative Podcast: "Stuff You Missed: In the Bible, In Church History."  What is really going on behind the scenes? What am I missing? What context led to historical events such as the Inquisition, the Crusades, the Salem Witch Trials, the Holocaust, etc... And what am I missing in the context of the Bible that is not explicit in the text?   Each Podcast is designed to mine those wonderful insights and help us all better understand stuff we have been missing. 

David Hancock

David Hancock pastored for over 20 years, taught Bible in one of the largest private schools in Washington state, and has keynoted many seminars and events on leadership for businesses and churches. David has appeared on several news broadcasts and also shared the honors of “Person of the Week” on ABC News with host Peter Jennings as a nationally recognized youth speaker. He has spoken in 6 different countries (Israel, Spain, Myanmar, China, United States, and Mexico), and in 22 different states in the US. 


David has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from Northwest University. He loves to read, laugh, and share a good bottle of wine with friends.  He has been married to his beautiful bride Kandi for 30 years, they have two boys, a dog, and live in Dallas, TX.