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FAQ - Stuff You Missed: In the Bible, In Church History

How can I listen to the Podcast? 

You can listen several ways: (1) Listen directly here on the website, where you can download the episodes as well. (2) Subscribe on iTunes, where all the episodes are archived. (3) Use a third party application like Podcacther, Podbean, etc... to subscribe and have each episode automatically delivered to your device.

Will you do an episode on [topic]?

About 80 percent of the time, the answer is, "Maybe!" if not..."Yes."  I love suggestions and hearing about ideas.  So, I welcome suggestions for topics.  But please limit questions that pertain either directly to the Bible or anything in Church History the last 2,000 years.  Email me here to suggest a Podcast topic.

So what does it take to get my suggestion picked for an episode?

There really isn't a formula. When I decide on topics, I'm balancing a lot of factors, like what I think will interest people, how much time I have to devote to that particular episode's research, how many requests I've received on the subject, how much scholarship already exists on it, and whether that scholarship is high-quality. For me to do an episode on a listener suggestion, it has to fit within that juggle, which is constantly shifting and changing. 

Do you have a reading list/recommended book resources?

Yes!  My list I provide is not exhaustive, but provides you with some of the books I use for my research. Each book I recommend, I have read, own, or have done extensive research with for study or the Podcast. Click here to see the book list.

My Podcast is not working, can you help?

Our troubleshooting tips are posted at this link. If they don't work, drop me an email (click here).