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What do the scandals of the Catholic Church & WillowCreek Church have in common?

August 28, 2018



What do the scandals of the Catholic Church and WillowCreek Church have in common?  The last several weeks have brought us some of the biggest scandals in modern church history. The Catholic Church in Pennsylvania has had over 300 priests abuse 1000+ minors in the last several decades, according to their own records.  And then one of the largest megachurches and arguably the most influential church in the US, WillowCreek Community Church in Chicago, IL has had their founding pastor Bill Hybels step down as multiple accusations of sexual misconduct have been appropriated against him.  


Though these are two very different entities, what do they have in common?  Find out why the very structures that have supported their past success, are also what fueled their downfall. 



* Book referenced in podcast, "Amusing Ourselves To Death" by Neil Postman



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