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Abuse of Faith

February 11, 2019




The ultimate abuse of any child, is sexual misconduct.  To be in a trusted position, a place of authority, a person of faith and to destroy the soul of a child is the ultimate act of evil.  In the last 24hrs it has been reported by the Houston Chronicle a breaking scandal within the SBC - Southern Baptist Convention, where over 700 victims have been sexually abused by pastors and leaders.  This news story, Part 1 of 3 of the Houston Chronicle is sure to be the tip of the iceberg.  


As a pastor of over 25 years and as an insider, I want to provide some thoughts on the horrible abuse. In this episode I want to explore what went wrong, and more importantly provide a pastor's (insiders) view of what may be some possible remedy's that would greatly help curb this kind of systemic evil. 



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